———ABOUT US———

As the preferred service provider of smart raising solutions for global poultry farms,RETECH is committed to turning customers’ needs into smart solutions, so as to help them achieve modern farms with sustainable income and improve farm efficiency.

RETECH has more than 30 years’ production experience, focusing on automatic layer, broiler and pullet raising equipment manufacture, research and development. Our R&D department cooperated with many institutions such as Qingdao University of Science and Technology to integrate the continuously updated modern farming concept into product design.
In the production process, we only use high-quality material and continuously monitor the quality of each component, in order to guarantee safety, solidity and 20 years’ service life.



We will 24 hours on line for your service and provide solution of problem during raising period within 48 hours.


Our products sales covers a wide range of foreign markets, including more than 30 countries and regions in Asia, Eastern Europe, Mid East and Africa.


Question: How many types of layer chicken cage? Answer: We have two types,A type and H type.


We give trains and installation instructions after sales. We will send 2 professional engineers to give on-site installation guide.


Qingdao Farming port is a professional poultry equipment manufacturing enterprise for their raising industry in China.


Qingdao Farming Port designed a full automatic layer poultry equipment for my 1510㎡ chicken house.



Qingdao Farming Port has highly specialized factory,team,equipment and chicken house.I believe them.