• Breeder Chicken Cage

    Breeder Chicken Cage



  • Layer Chicken Cage

    Layer Chicken Cage

    Qingdao Farming Port Layer Poultry Equipment Layer Chicken Cage,we are the only one manufacturing enterprise combined Layer Raising Equipment,Chicken Layer Cage and layer cage system with raising industry in China, we have one 500,000 birds modern layer demonstration farm.
  • Broiler Chicken Cage

    Broiler Chicken Cage

    Qingdao Farming Port provide you all types of Broiler Chicken Cage, associated with all equipment you need in each house.Apart from this, we provide you intellectual information platform, through which the customer is capable of realizing intensive management. This platform gives you the most advanced and intelligent customer experience.
  • Pullet Chicken Cage

    Pullet Chicken Cage

    Qingdao Farming Port Pullet Chicken Cage,Pullet Poultry Equipment,Baby Chicken Equipment and Pullet Raising Equipment have passed ISO9000, ISO14000 and HSAS18000. The reasonable pullet house quantity not only can afford baby chicken to the layer house in time.