Qingdao Farming Port provide you all types of Broiler Chicken Cage, associated with all equipment you need in each house.Apart from this, we provide you intellectual information platform, through which the customer is capable of realizing intensive management. This platform gives you the most advanced and intelligent customer experience.

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    Automatic Broiler Chicken Cage

    QDTR 1103

    Automatic Bird harvesting System for Broiler Chicken Cage can be adjusted to transfer birds from each tier of cage to outside.

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    Automatic Feeding System


    The feed quantity can be adjusted and avoid feed waste by Layer Chicken Automatic Feeding System. Famous Brand, High Quality, Low Price.

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    Belt Type Manure Removing System


    Farming Port Best Type Manure Removing System manure belt off-tracking device avoid the belt off the tracking and make the manure cleaned thoroughly.

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  • 平养1

    Broiler Floor Raising System

    Product Name: Broiler Floor Raising System Applicable Industries: Poultry Farms Use: Broiler Chicken Material:PP Plastic Raw Material Slaughter Weight:1.5/1.8/2.25/2.5KG Certification:ISO 9001,SONCAP Life Time:15-20 Years Competitive Advantage:We provide customers with poultry farming solutions, including product research and development, project design, production, installation and service. >Low equipment investment.High survival rate. > Equipment is simple and easy to operate.Save labor cost and […]

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  • 平养1

    Broiler Raising System

    QDTR 1104

    Raising broiler on ground is the traditional raising mode.
    Equipment is Low equipment investment. and simple and easy to operate.

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  • 湿帘

    Cooling Pad and Air Inlet


    Cooling Pad and Air Inlet are important parts of Qingdao Farming Port Environment Controller System to control chicken house environment.

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    Environment Control System

    QDTR 1503

    Large scale and intensive poultry raising requires reliable and automatic Smart Environment control system that imported from Europe to meet your need.

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    2 out of 5

    QDTR 1502

    Environment Controller System FAN can reduce the temperature in the shed effectively and improve the cost performance effectively.

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    Manual Broiler Chicken Cage

    QDTR 1102

    Manual Bird-harvesting H Type Broiler Raising Cage realizes industrial and large-scale broilers farming.It is suitable for large-scale broiler farm.

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  • 水压调节器

    Poultry Nipple Drinking System


    Farming Port Nipple Drinking System is no water splashing and leaking.Chicken house keep dry and clean. Nipple is more convenient to maintain or replace.

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  • 刮板清粪

    Scraper Type Manure Cleaning System


    Scraper Type Manure Cleaning System Farming port designed, has been appointed as recommended agriculture machinery in China, best quality, competitive price.

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