6 Reasons why chickens pull feed

Feed refers to the feed that the chicken eats into the stomach and is excreted without being digested.

Feeding chickens is due to chickens suffering from certain diseases, such as chicken mycotoxin poisoning, chicken intestinal bacterial flora disorder, chicken intestinal coccidiosis, chicken tapeworm nematode disease, chicken clostridia enteritis and so on.

1.Many chicken farmers believe that mycotoxins are the root cause of many chicken diseases. Regardless of whether you agree with this view, mycotoxin poisoning in chicken can affect the digestive function of chicken and cause eating.

2.The disorder of the intestinal bacterial group of chickens will directly affect the digestive function of the chicken’s small intestine, resulting in the decline of the digestive function of the small intestine and the inability to digest feed, resulting in feed stool.
In addition, the disorder of the intestinal flora can easily lead to the reproduction of Clostridium, causing necrotizing inflammation in the intestinal tract of chickens, resulting in increased serous exudation in the intestinal tract of chickens, resulting in feed stool.

3.Intestinal coccidia in chickens can directly cause inflammation of the small intestine and at the same time cause increased serous exudation.
Inflammation of the small intestine will greatly reduce the digestibility of feed, allowing feed to be excreted without being digested. If chicken intestinal coccidiosis is not treated in time, bleeding will occur.

4. If chickens suffer from diseases such as tapeworm nematodes, they will also damage the intestines and cause inflammation, reduce the chicken’s digestive function, The increase in liquid exudation leads to the production of feed stool.

5. In the process of raising chickens, the intestinal tract was damaged due to some reasons, which caused the intestinal mucosa to fall off.
The intestinal mucosa of the chicken is covered in the intestine after shedding, and the anaerobic environment formed is very conducive to the growth of Clostridium.
The growth of Clostridium will cause necrotizing inflammation in the intestines of chickens, and increase the intestinal serous exudation, leading to the production of feed stool.

6. Some chicken farmers choose improper feed, which may also cause chickens to pull the feed.