How to strengthening poultry chicken house raising management measures?

(1). Reduce raising density.The raising density of layers in high temperature should be guaranteed up to 500cm2, and the minimum cannot be less than 380cm2.
(2). Provide fresh and clean water throughout the day. It is best to drink deep well water that has been tested to reach the standard. If there is no deep well water, you can add ice to the water tank to reduce the water temperature.
(3). Adjust feeding time. Feed in the early evening when it is relatively cool, and feed at the peak of the two feeding times after 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., so that the chicken can eat well.
(4). Strengthen inspection. Keep an eye on intake feed, water and manure of the chicken, especially during the midday and evening when the air is more stuffy, you should find out the unusual chicken in time .If abnormal circumstances arise , timely week out sick chickens and dead chickens to reduce the spread of diseases and economic losses.
(5). Keep quiet and reduce stress. Be quiet and avoid noise interference when cleaning, picking up eggs, feeding, disinfecting and so on. Try to avoid the stress caused by big movements such as immunity.